RF coaxial cable-NTH


Up to 40GHz
Point-to-point interconnection,
Cabinet internal jumper
System interconnection
High Strength Phase Stable Coaxial Cable
An upgrade for Semi-rigid cable

NTH Cable

High Strength Phase Stable Coaxial Cable

NTH Cable Structure 

  1. SPC Center Conductor
  2. Solid/ND-PTFE Dielectric
  3. SPC ribbon braid Outer conductor
  4. PI/Al Tape Interlayer
  5. Stainless Wire Outer shield
  6. Purple FEP Jacket

NTH-series products have excellent bending property, high cable retention, and outstanding phase stability, which provides a Flexible replacement for semi-rigid assemblies. The NTH cable assembly can be bent from the connector’s root to save installation space and replace a rectangular curved connector. The connector’s design adopts welding-free technology, avoiding embrittlement and cracking on the welding position between cable and connector, saving cost and weight. Compared with semi-rigid cable assembly, NTH can be bent flexibly according to site applications, requiring no customized length and bending shape design, thus saving engineering resources and transportation expenses significantly, and reducing the customer’s overall cost.


  • Excellent bending phase, amplitude stability
  • Stainless steel outer shield, high tensile strength
  • Three-layer shielding structure, good insulation
  • Stainless steel welding-free connector
  • Bending at random and maintaining shape stability


  • Point-to-point interconnection between RF modules
  • Interconnection between boards
  • Cabinet internal jumper
  • Flexible replacement for semi-rigid assemblies
  • Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems

Cable Comparison Table

Cable ParametersNTH250NTH250LNTH360L
Maximum Frequency (GHz)40GHz40GHz26.5GHz
VSWR (Typical)
VSWR (Maxl)
Typical Insertion Loss (dB/100ft@18GHz)98.583.0754.21
Impedance (nominal)50 ohm50 ohm50 ohm
Amplitude Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±0.02dB±0.02dB±0.02dB
Amplitude Stability vs Bending2(Max)±0.05dB±0.05dB±0.05dB
Phase Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±2.0°±2.0°±2.0°
Phase Stability vs Bending2(Max)±5.0°±5.0°±5.0°
Phase Stability vs Temp2500PPM1500PPM1500PPM
Velocity of Propagation70%76%76%
Shielding Effectiveness> 90dB> 90dB> 90dB
Time Delay (nominal)1.45ns/ft1.34ns/ft1.34ns/ft
Power @ 1GHz (kW)0.1260.1560.346
Power @ 3GHz (kW)0.0720.0890.198
Minimum bendings Radius (Inch)0.3540.4330.709
Armor Option (twist resist, compression resist)NoneNoneNone
Water resistant OptionYESYESYES
90 degree bending Option (cable body only)YESYESYES
90 degree bending Adaptor Option (Sweep)YESYESYES
Durable repeat BendingYESYESYES
ReplacementMinibendMinibend LMini141