RF coaxial cable-NTE


40GHz Millimeter Wave Cable
Rotary Joint
Sectoral Radar
System Interconnect
Ultra-Flexible Low Loss Phase Stable Coaxial Cable

NTE Cable

Ultra-flexible, Low loss, phase-stable coaxial cable

NTE Cable Structure

1. Center Conductor

2. Dielectric

3. Inner Shield

4. Outer Shield

5. Jacket

NTE series is the lowest loss structure among the flexible cables, which uses international leading low loss and stable RF cable technical, 19 stranded conductor, low-density PTFE dielectric, silver-plated flat Helicoil. NTE series is widely used in repeated bending, ultra-flexible, high require of ultra loss and phased application.


  • Ultra Flexible
  • Phase stable
  • Durable repeat bending
  • Ultra Low loss
  • Excellent shielding

Typical Applications

  • Antenna seeker
  • Revolving doors
  • Rotary joint
  • System interconnector
  • Rotary joint
  • Wireless

Cable Comparison Table

Cable ParametersNTE360NTE500NTE800
Maximum Frequency (GHz)40GHz26.5GHz18GHz
VSWR (Typical)
VSWR (Maxl)
Typical Insertion Loss (dB/100ft@18GHz)59.1438.3224.47
Impedance (nominal)50 ohm50 ohm50 ohm
Amplitude Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±0.03dB±0.03dB±0.03dB
Amplitude Stability vs Bending2(Max)±0.06dB±0.06dB±0.06dB
Phase Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±3.5°±3.5°±3.5°
Phase Stability vs Bending2(Max)±7.0°±7.0°±7.0°
Phase Stability vs Temp500PPM500PPM500PPM
Velocity of Propagation83%83%83%
Shielding Effectiveness> 90dB> 90dB> 90dB
Time Delay (nominal)1.22ns/ft1.22ns/ft1.22ns/ft
Power @ 1GHz (kW)0.3990.8751.812
Power @ 3GHz (kW)0.2250.51.03
Minimum bendings Radius (Inch)0.7090.7871.26
Armor Option (twist resist, compression resist)NoNoNo
90 degree bending Adaptor Option (Sweep)YesYesYes
Durable repeat BendingYesYesYes