RF coaxial cable-NTD


40GHz Millimeter Wave Cable
Cabinet Jumper
High Performance Low Loss Semi-rigid Coaxial Cable

NTD Cable Structure

1 . Silver-plated copper center conductor

2 . ND-PTFE dielectric

3 . Seamless copper tube

No suffix – bare copper

TM – Tri-alloy plated

TP – Tin plated

NTD Cable Low Loss Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable

NTD series semi-rigid cable provides lower loss, lighter weight, higher power handling capacity, and less temperature-related phase change than competitor’s. It features a silver-plated copper center conductor, low-density PTFE dielectric instead of solid PTFE, and a solid copper tube outer conductor and uses the same solder-on connectors as standard semi-rigid cable. Typical applications include test setups, interconnection, and instrumentation. It is available for fast delivery as cable and OEM is welcome. There is no minimum order quantity requirement.


  • Low loss
  • Lightweight
  • Higher power handling
  • Wide temperature operating range
  • Less temperature-related phase change
  • No core extension after temperature cycling
  • Plenty connector options

Typical Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Plate-to-plate connection
  • Card interconnection
  • Cabinet jumpers
  • Airborne radar
  • Missile systems
  • Phased array radars
  • Feed networks
  • Instrumentation

Cable Comparison Table

Cable ParametersNTD086NTD120NTD141NTD141L
Maximum Frequency (GHz)50GHz40Ghz26.5GHz26.5GHz
VSWR (Typical)
VSWR (Maxl)1.351.31.251.25
Typical Insertion Loss (dB/100ft@18GHz)73.6746.3942.5541.73
Impedance (nominal)50 ohm50 ohm50 ohm50 ohm
Amplitude Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±0.01dB±0.01dB±0.01dB±0.01dB
Amplitude Stability vs Bending2(Max)±0.03dB±0.03dB±0.03dB±0.03dB
Phase Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±2.0°±2.0°±2.0°±2.0°
Phase Stability vs Bending2(Max)±5.0°±5.0°±5.0°±5.0°
Phase Stability vs Temp1500PPM1500PPM1500PPM500PPM
Velocity of Propagation76%76%76%82%
Shielding Effectiveness> 165dB> 165dB> 165dB> 165dB
Time Delay (nominal)1.34ns/ft1.34ns/ft1.34ns/ft1.24ns/ft
Power @ 1GHz (kW)0.2590.5280.590.591
Power @ 3GHz (kW)0.1490.3010.3360.338
Minimum bendings Radius (Inch)0.3940.5910.7870.787
Armor Option (twist resist, compression resist)NoNoNoNo
90 degree bending Adaptor Option (Sweep)YesYesYesYes
Durable repeat BendingNoNoNoNo