RF coaxial cable-NTC


26.5GHz Microwave Cable
Cabinet Jumper
High Performance Flexible Coaxial Cable

High-Performance Flexible Coaxial cable

NTC Cable Structure

  1. The silver-plated copper center conductor
  2. Solid PTFE dielectric
  3. Silver-plated copper tape wrapped outer conductor
  4. Silver-plated copper braid shield
  5. Blue FEP jacket

NTC Cable Brief Description

Low-Cost Semi-Flexible Coaxial Cable

NTC series cable provides an economical conformable cable replacement for applications requiring greater flexibility and bending cycles. NTC series cable matches Times TFlex cable’s performance and uses the same solder-on connectors as standard semi-rigid cable. This cable consists of a silver-plated copper center conductor, solid PTFE dielectric, silver-plated copper tape outer conductor, silver-plated copper braid shield, and a UV and corrosion-resistant blue FEP outer jacket. Typical applications for NTC series cables are test setups, interconnection, and instrumentation, and so on. It is available for fast delivery, and OEM is also welcome. There is no minimum order quantity requirement.


  • Meets MIL-C-17
  • Low cost
  • Flexibility
  • Greater bending cycles
  • Good electrical properties
  • Long service life
  • Replacement for semi-rigid cable

Typical Applications

  • Card interconnection
  • Cabinet jumpers
  • Airborne radar
  • Missile systems
  • Phased array radars
  • Feed networks
  • Instrumentation
  • Test setups

Cable Comparison Table

Cable ParametersNTC160NTC280NTC400
Maximum Frequency (GHz)26.5GHz26.5GHz26.5GHz
VSWR (Typical)
VSWR (Maxl)
Typical Insertion Loss (dB/100ft@18GHz)179.91106.1565.88
Impedance (nominal)50 ohm50 ohm50 ohm
Amplitude Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±0.08dB±0.08dB±0.08dB
Amplitude Stability vs Bending2(Max)±0.20dB±0.20dB±0.20dB
Phase Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±5.0°±5.0°±5.0°
Phase Stability vs Bending2(Max)±10.0°±10.0°±10.0°
Phase Stability vs Temp2500PPM2500PPM2500PPM
Velocity of Propagation70%70%70%
Shielding Effectiveness>90dB>90dB>90dB
Time Delay (nominal)1.45ns/ft1.45ns/ft1.45ns/ft
Power @ 1GHz (kW)0.0560.10.267
Power @ 3GHz (kW)0.0270.0550.143
Minimum bendings Radius (Inch)0.2360.5510.787
Armor Option (twist resist, compression resist)NoNoNo
Water resistant OptionYesYesYes
90 degree bending Option (cable body only)NoNoNo
90 degree bending Adaptor Option (Sweep)YesYesYes
Durable repeat BendingNoNoNo