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18GHz Microwave Cable
Maritime System
Airborne Platform
Radio Station
System Interconnection
Ultra-Low Loss Phase Stable Coaxial Cable

Newnovo is contributing to the Microwave industry with high performance cables and cable assemblies up to 110GHz, including ultra flexible, flexible, semi-fexible, semi-rigid cables for applications such as test and measurement, radar, cabinet jumper, point-to-point connection, base station, radio station etc.


NTB Cable Structure

  1. Silver-plated copper Center conductor
  2. LD-PTFE Dielectric
  3. Silver-plated copper tape wrapped outer conductor
  4. Silver-plated copper braid outer shield
  5. Grey FEP outer jacket

NTB Series Cable

Ultra-Low Loss Phase Stable Coaxial Cable

The NTB cable series provides higher performance, typical low loss and phase stable cables. It offers extra low loss, light weight, and high phase stability versus mechanical and temperature change. This cable series features a silver-plated copper center conductor, low density PTFE dielectric, silver-plated copper tape wrapping outer conductor, silver-plated copper braid shield, and grey FEP outer jacket.

NTB series cable accepts standard solder-on connectors. Typical applications include military and phased-array radars, electronic warfare (EW), and mechanical equipment. It is available for quick delivery as cable or finished cable assemblies with custom labeling. We can also provide phase matching assemblies up to 67 GHz. There is no minimum order quantity.


  • Meets MIL-C-17
  • Ultra-low loss
  • Excellent mechanical phase stability
  • Extra-low temperature-related phase change
  • Good electrical properties
  • Light weight

Typical Applications

  • Military radars
  • Electronic warfare (EW)
  • Shipboard systems
  • Airborne platforms
  • System interconnection
  • Wireless stations

Cable Comparison Table

Cable ParametersNTB220NTB360NTB500NTB800NTB1200
Maximum Frequency (GHz)67GHz40GHz26.5Ghz18GHz11GHz
VSWR (Typical)
VSWR (Maxl)1.451.351.351.351.35
Typical Insertion Loss (dB/100ft@18GHz)87.7250.8131.0720.4710.66@10Ghz
Impedance (nominal)50 ohm50 ohm50 ohm50 ohm50 ohm
Amplitude Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±0.02dB±0.02dB±0.02dB±0.02dB±0.02dB
Amplitude Stability vs Bending2(Max)±0.05dB±0.05dB±0.05dB±0.05dB±0.05dB
Phase Stability vs Bending1(Typical)±5.0°±3.5°±3.0°±3.0°±3.0°
Phase Stability vs Bending2(Max)±10.0°±8.0°±5.0°±5.0°±5.0°
Phase Stability vs Temp500PPM500PPM500PPM500PPM500PPM
Velocity of Propagation82%82%83%83%83%
Shielding Effectiveness>90dB>90dB>90dB>90dB>90dB
Time Delay (nominal)1.24ns/ft1.24ns/ft1.24ns/ft1.24ns/ft1.24ns/ft
Power @ 1GHz (kW)0.2710.5110.8751.8123.045
Power @ 3GHz (kW)0.1540.2920.51.0291.694
Minimum bendings Radius (Inch)0.5910.7090.7871.3782.362
Armor Option (twist resist, compression resist)YesYesYesYesYes
Light Armor Option (friction resist, high temperature)YesYesYesYesYes
Water resistant OptionYesYesYesYesYes
90 degree bending Option (cable body only)NoNoNoNoNo
90 degree bending Adaptor Option (Sweep)YesYesYesYesYes
Durable repeat BendingNoNoNoNoNo
ReplacementGore 3506Gore 3507Gore 3449Gore 3450